Certifications In constant seek for quality and transparency and in commitment with the environmental, social and health demands, our processes are standardized by guidelines, management control and certifications from regulatory agencies.
  • Ministério da Agricultura
  • ONU
  • BPF
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 18001
ProductsExport cuts
  • Chicken Breast, Skinless, Boneless, Cut In Halves Salted
  • Chicken Half Breast Boneless Skinless
  • Chicken Leg Boneless Skin-on

  • Chicken Drumstick
  • Chicken Whole Leg
  • Chicken Gizzard
  • Chicken Three Joint Wings
  • Chicken Middle Joint Wings
  • Chicken Wing Tip
  • Chicken Feet
  • Chicken Knee Cartilage
Facilities Commercial offices:   Goiânia, Uberlândia, Brasília, Belém and Itaberaí.
  • Rearing House Rearing House Comprehends the period between the first week up to the 22 week of the broiler and aims to ensure a progression of growth according to the standards of the lineage in use, following the weight uniformity criteria for the flock. In this period, its important prepare the chicks for the sexual maturity.
  • Fertile Eggs Production Unity Fertile Eggs Production Unity The fertile egg production takes place in the breeding house after the adaptation of the flock. In this unit, the hens and roosters are housed together in the same shed, so the mating and therefore the fertile egg production will occur. The laying of eggs occurs between the 20 and the 68 weeks of age of these hens.
  • Granja Hatchery Installed at Itaberaí–GO district, it is considered one of the most modern in Latin America. It has the capacity of incubating 11 million eggs per month. Certificate with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS18001.
  • Granja Grain Warehouses Applying ISSO 9001 certified processes, grain storage buildings ensure high standard corn used in the bird’s feed.
  • Fábrica de Rações Poultry Feed Factory Created in 1997, it is currently completely automated and has the capacity to process 120 tons per hour.
  • Integração Integration Composed by high tech storage units, the integration allows for a modern aviary activity, with a stable production chain.
  • Planta de Processamento Processing The acquisition of new technologies is critical to support the automated production model with a goal of 320 thousand birds per day.
  • Distribuição Distribution The most modern industrial parks in Latin America take Brazilian product to more than 40 countries in four continents.
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